Monday, October 15, 2012

Four Planes Took Off

Four planes took off
Passengers destined for locations of work, play, reunion, and love;
Just a few directed for a destiny of destruction

Four locations.

Two buildings reaching to the skyline
Employees, bosses, friends, associates, some people who did not know one another
Busy at work, talk around the coffee machine
Talk of business, family, children, and the score of Sunday’s ball game-Pop Warner, high school, college, NFL.

A building built in five angles
Employees directed to protect this hallowed ground of America
Employees of a nation dedicated to freedoms
Employees tasked with protecting those freedoms.

A farming field
Quiet except for the crickets talking to one another, the butterflies with wings fluttering in harmony, the bees busy at gathering the nectar of the flowers
Another morning of harmony of nature.

Then the unnatural
Then the insult to the value of humanity
Then an attack upon this country, upon its people, upon its families, and upon those families of families.

But out of the horror, the death, the destruction,
Came the heroes of the first responders, the heroes of all at each location
For some to save each other, for others in that peaceful field of Pennsylvania to save us all.

Giving with their might, with their courage, with their lives so that others could survive and live in freedom.
So that others, that survive, can still proclaim God Bless America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, This is Our Land and this is Your Land.

For us and our children, our grandchildren, 9/11 will always be our Pearl Harbor, a day that will live in infamy, but also a day that will forever define our today’s and our tomorrows- a nation of freedom that will never be destroyed. 

May we remember and never forget September 11.

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