Friday, January 1, 2010


The checklist has become a familiar habit of mine in recent months. Prior to beginning a new task, I write it down on either an event planner, my blackberry or a Post-It. The satisfaction of striking a line through one of the subjects on my list brings me great reward and a sense of accomplishment. Like a baseball manager setting a lineup, I rack and stack my agenda hoping to see it through completion.

Subconsciously I probably over due the items on my checklists purposely so that I can feel that I am progressing through my day, week and month. Looking back at 2009, I had a “to do list” for nearly every daily task. Grocery lists, homework, workouts, and just plain work. Once these checklists were complete I conveniently threw them away, out of sight and out of mind.

Upon thinking about my New Year’s resolution, I came to the conclusion that I would tie it to my newfound obsession with checklists. I thought about how most of my checklists had to do with subjects that mattered only to me and did very little to make a difference. My New Year’s resolution is more of a challenge than anything else. It will be a constant reminder to myself that there are always people out there that need help.

I have decided to do 52 good deeds this year. Each week I will seek out a new and innovative way to make an impact in someone else’s life and chronicle what I did to make it happen. The difference between this checklist and the traditional kind that I create, is that I don’t intend to throw this particular checklist away. In fact, I hope I can pass it on and encourage more people to do the same.

So far I already have a few ideas lined up. Starting next week I have my first youth basketball practice and a mentorship meeting at the YMCA. Fortunately for me, these don’t seem like chores to me. If anyone is benefitting from these activities, it’s me.

Each year seems to be more busy than the previous. I am amazed that with each month, I have more to do with less time. Filling up my schedule though is my choice and I don’t intend to use “being busy” as a crutch or excuse. With so much to do, I can’t wait to get started. I hope you’ll join me.

Follow my progress this year!

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